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THB DEBUYA TfLA..                                              147
Dhruva who gives a name to one of the most southern- of the ghats was,
according to the legend, the son of a king by name Uttana-pada. Indignant
at the slights put upon him by his stepmother, he left his father's palace to make
a name for himself in the world. By the advice of the seven great Eishis,
Marichij Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Kratu, Pulaha, and Vasishta, he repaired to
Madhu-ban near Mathura, and there, absorbed in the contemplation of Vishnu,
coatlnued for seven years a course of the severest penance. At last the god
appeared to him In person and promised to grant Mm any boon he might desire.
His request was for a station exalted above every station and which should en- .
dure for ever ; whereupon he was translated to heaven, as the polar star together
with his mother Suniti.
On the Dhruva tila, or hill at the back of the ghat, is a small temple, built
Samlat 1894, in place of an older shrine, of which the ruins remain close by,
dedicated to Dhruva JL Here I found a set of Buddhist posts, with the cross
rails and top bar all complete, cut out of a single slab of stone, measuring two
feet two inches square. The Pujdris, or priests in charge, by name Damodar
Das and Chhote Lai, belong to the Sanakadi or Klmbarak Sampradaya of
Yaisanavas., and produce a manuscript pedigree in Sanskrit in proof of their
direct spiritual descent from Kesava Bhatt. one of Nimbarak's successors, who
is regarded as the head of the secular, or Gnhastha^ sub-division of the sect, as
his brother-in-law, Hari Tyasa, was of the celibate, or Virakta, order. In
the temple are figures of Badha Krishan, whom the NImb&raks have adopted
as their special patrons. The list of superiors, or Guru-parampara, as it is
called, runs as follows :—
L—1 Hansavatar i 2 Sanakadi ; 3 Narada; 4 JTimbarak Swdmi: all deified
II.—1 SrinivasacMrya ; 2 Biswdcharya; 3 Pnrashottam 5 4 BH&sa; 5
Sariipa ; 6 Madhava; 7 Balbhadra ; 8 Padma ; 9 Syama ; 10 Gopala ; 11 Kri-
pala; 12 Deva : all distingastied by the title of Acharya.
EL—1 Sundar Bhatt; 2 Padma-nabha; 3 Sri Bama-chandra ; 4 Baman ;
5 Sri Krishna ; 6 Padmakara ; 7 Sravan ; 8 Bhuri ; 9 Madhava ; 10 Syama;
11 Gopak ; 12 Sri-bal, or Balbhadra; 13 Gopinatli; 14 Kesava 5 15 Gangal;
16 Kesava Kashmiri; 17 Sri Bhatt; 18 Kesava Strain! : all bearing the title
of Bhatt.
IT.—1 Qiridhar Gosain ; 2 BaUsbh L41; 3 Mtiknnd Lai; 4 ¥a-nd La!; 5
Mohan Lai; 6 Bam Ji Lai; 7 Mann Lai; 8 SadM Lai ; 9 Kanhaiya Lai ; and
10 Damodar Das: all bearing the title of Gosain,